Nutrigenomix 70-gene test (authorized provider)

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Nutrigenomix is an award-winning, multinational, biotechnology company led by Dr Ahmed El-Sohemy, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Nutrigenomics at the University of Toronto. The company is well known for it's scientific leadership, rigor in qualitative research, and focus on actionable DNA-based nutrition and lifestyle markers as well as high privacy, security, and laboratory standards.

On a personal level, genetic testing has helped me understand the impact of my own genetic variations such as what macronutrients and type of physical activity are ideal for weight loss, how I respond to caffeine, how I process key nutrients, my risk of food intolerances to gluten and lactose along with many other valuable insights. This has allowed me to become more targeted and precise in my nutritional supplementation, lifestyle and food choices. Genetic variations determine individual differences in how we respond to foods, exercise, nutrients and supplements and knowing them provides a solid basis from which to make meaningful dietary and lifestyle choices.  You can read a Nutrigenomix 70-Gene Health sample report here.

When you purchase the Nutrigenomix 70-gene Health test, I will contact you to review and sign a consent form, following which a test kit will be shipped to you by Nutrigenomix with instructions for completion and return to their laboratories for analysis (return shipping is free). A Food Frequency Questionnaire is also emailed to you for completion and the results analysed by Nutrigenomix alongside your genetic test. When the final report is available, usually in 2 weeks, I will touch base with you to schedule a 60-minute short consult to discuss your test results and DNA-based dietary recommendations.

As Nutrigenomix is constantly evaluating new research on actionable genetic markers, please contact me before purchasing the test to determine if new add-on options and enhancements to the current 70-gene test are appropriate for you.

Prices include 13% HST.