Client Testimonials

"Being in the holistic field myself, Farida and I instantly connected. The trust developed when I referred my client to work with her. Farida has been extremely patient with my client providing him tailored nutritional advice after a thorough investigation. I was very impressed by how proactive she is in following up with her clients at the same time keeping me in the loop and always open to discuss options so as to provide the best possible treatment plan collectively. Her approach to nutrition is both thoughtful of person's lifestyle and practical for them to make it part of their routine. 

She also believes in the idea less is more and does not complicate by adding unnecessary supplements and focusing more on real food. 

I would recommend her to everyone who wants to make the right nutritional choices and to other healthcare professionals to have someone who is very competent and responsive to work with."

- Fatema Patanwala, Hom. B.H.M.S (Mum), founder of Healing Hands Homeopathy, Missisauga (February 2021)

"I have suffered with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) since I was in high school and have dealt with a number of uncomfortable symptoms that were difficult to manage, such as high blood sugar levels and menstrual cycle irregularities. Despite working with both my doctor and a natural health care practitioner, my blood sugar levels remained high and my symptoms only worsened (the supplements I was taking were too strong for my body and did not truly address my concerns). Since working with Farida, I feel much better and my symptoms have vastly improved. The tests that she recommended helped me understand the areas I needed to work on. She provided practical advice on how to make healthier food choices which support better blood sugar balance, an important factor in my condition, incorporating healthier habits into my daily routine, along with specific advice on the right supplements for my health concerns. I know that there is still more work to be done, but I’m glad to have Farida’s guidance and partnership on my health journey."

- Mubina, Missisauga (January 2021)

"Hello Farida,

I am writing to you to express our thanks for making a presentation on “Holistic perspective to aging gracefully” at our community centre.

You focused on the importance of building a robust immune system by having good diet, healthy lifestyles, positive attitude and enjoying nature as much as possible. Your talk was lively, engaging and answered all the question from the audience in a very passionate way

My wife and I – age 71 and 75 appreciated this a lot and made us reflect on what was needed to do practically to live a healthy life without disease. This has come very handy during current pandemic COVID-19 breakout.

Thanks again and wish you well in your journey to educate others."

- Raza and Zinat, Missisauga (December 2020)