A protein rich morning routine that finally hits the spot for balanced blood sugars

I never previously paid attention to the order in which I ate my meals. I just dug in. 

But after reading Jessie Inchauspe's Glucose Revolution and other compelling research on how eating a meal in a specific order lowers post-meal blood sugar and insulin, I decided to give it a try.

The recommended order is fibre/veggies first, protein and fat next, followed by optional carbs.

I typically begin my day with a glass of spring water (Cedar Springs) with a few drops of electrolytes (Concentrace). This is followed by a scoop of unflavored collagen in another glass of water (Garden of Life) giving me 18 grams of easily digestible protein. 

After a break of 20 minutes in which I have fed the cats, done some stretches, and cleared the kitchen of leftover dishes from the previous night, I am ready to dig into breakfast proper.

This is usually a simple one-egg omelet with a dash of cashew milk (Elmhurst), salt and pepper and a side of local arugula, sauteed in Camelina oil (Three farmers). Arugula, by the way, is a great source of calcium and potassium, and unlike spinach, is low in oxalates which binds to minerals (like calcium), impairing their absorption.

When I feel like I need something more savory, I whisk a tablespoon of sprouted gram flour (Second Spring), some chopped cilantro and a dash of salt and red chilli powder into my egg instead of the cashew milk. This results in a flavorful South Asian style crepe.

Eating this way definitely keeps me full longer and I can go a good 5 hours without feeling hungry, something I always had difficulty doing in the past.

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